Adrienne often teaches acting classes, intensives, workshops and is available for private coaching.

A major part of any actor’s work, is to learn to exist ON THE EDGE:



Discover Interesting Choices. 

Inhabit Unique Characters.

Trust Your Instincts. 

Feel Great About Your Acting.

Adrienne uses her wealth of experience on stage and screen in her coaching, with a focus on practical acting techniques and tips. She brings a strong understanding of how to succeed in auditions.  Currently starring in Rake as "Missy" on ABCTV, which recently enjoyed its fourth season. Other recent appearances include the critically acclaimed Secrets and Lies (10), House of Bond (9), The Doctor Blake Mysteries (ABC), House Husbands (Nine) and comedy series It’s A Date (ABC).

With a focus on On-Camera acting, each session is a combination of technique & scene analysis specifically tailored to the individual actor’s needs. While the aim of strong acting is to always be present moment-to-moment, there are methods to ensure your work is dynamic, layered, and unique whilst continuing to embrace your instincts. 

Adrienne works on a regular weekly schedule coaching actors, or as a one-off: particularly useful for Audition Preparation.

As well as her extensive professional experience, Adrienne graduated with a BFA (ACTING) from QUT and has also trained at UQ (Drama Dept), Stella Adler Studio of Acting (New York), Adrienne Weiss (New York), Tim Phillips Studio (Los Angeles), Ivana Chubbuck (Los Angeles), Larry Moss Studio (Los Angeles). She also established a Scene Study class for Professional actors in Sydney in 2008 with Les Chantery, which has now grown into the Actors Hub.